Special offers


Parking on the house!

Parking on the house! Parking time given away.

Shop and save parking charges. If you shop at selected retailers in Mainz, you will receive a parking time voucher, which you can use to save parking charges. Look out for this symbol when you shop next!

List of selected retailers and service providers

Cashless parking

Pay by card and save 10 percent of the parking charge!

EC cards, credit cards and all PMG cards enable you to park with us without cash – and to save 10 percent of the parking charge. Simply insert the card into the terminal on entering and exiting. When you exit, a receipt will be issued. The parking charge minus 10% discount will be charged to your account.

The PMG cheque card.

The PMG cheque card works like any other cheque card – the parking charges levied at ½-hour intervals are debited from your account every month.

The PMG pre-paid parking card.

Give yourself and others parking credit. The PMG pre-paid parking card has a credit balance, which can be reloaded in 5-euro increments at any pay station at any time. The balance remaining is displayed on entering and exiting the car park. The pre-paid parking cards with five attractive motifs are available from our service offices in the CityPort and Town Hall multi-storey car parks.

The motifs:

  • Carnival Children
  • Mainz 05 Stand
  • View of the Cathedral
  • View of the Palace
  • A Scene during a Mainz 05 Football Match

Car park ticket = bus and rail ticket

Travel free, using the car park ticket as a bus/tram ticket.

You want to park your car safely and continue travelling by bus and tram – no problem! Your PMG car park ticket allows you and up to 4 accompanying persons to travel in the entire urban route network of Mainzer Verkehrsgesellschaft for 24 hours from the time the ticket is printed.

Holiday parking

Are you holidaying in Mainz?

If so, park at low cost in the CityPort multi-storey car park! You can get a car park ticket for the duration of your stay from the service office on level 4 – and can then travel free by bus and tram!

Or are you travelling on by Deutsche Bahn or by S-Bahn, e.g. to Frankfurt Airport. Let staff in our service office on level 4 know how long you will be away for, and benefit from our low-cost holiday parking rate. If you park for a minimum of 7 days, you pay only 5.00 euro a day.

This is how it works:

Take a ticket at the entrance. Then drive to level 4 and register in the service office.

Park + Rail

On a business trip by rail.

If you park in CityPort, the multi-storey car park at Mainz main railway station, and travel a minimum of 100 km away using Deutsche Bahn,

you pay:

  • Monday to Friday: 10.50 euro a day
  • Saturday and Sunday: A total of 10.50 euro

This is how it works:

You pay for the parking space when purchasing your train ticket by acquiring a park & rail ticket. Please ask for a receipt to be issued. Take a ticket when you enter the multi-storey car park. After your trip, you exchange this, together with the park & ride ticket, for an exit ticket in the CityPort service office.

DB corporate client season ticket holders and online bookers can drive directly to their park & rail parking space without booking. On completion of your trip, you present the car park ticket in our CityPort service office and obtain your exit ticket after paying the parking charge.

Park + Ride

Use the monthly/annual pass to park for only 48.90 euro.

Holders of a valid monthly or annual pass, a BahnCard 100 or a DB job ticket can obtain a 24-hour long-term parking space for a monthly charge of 48.90 euro from the service office on level 4 of the City Port multi-storey car park.


Use the BahnCard to save cash.

If you use your BahnCard or JahresCard comfort to pay at the pay stations in the CityPort and CineStar multi-storey car parks, you will obtain a discount on the 24-hour rate.

Reserved parking spaces are available for bahn.comfort customers on level 3 of the CityPort multi-storey car park close to the main pedestrian exit to the main railway station. Reservations are made via Deutsche Bahn. The spaces are held until 60 minutes after commencement of the reservation.

Multi-storey car park Tariff Charge
CineStar 24-hour daily rate €15.00
24-hour rate with BahnCard €10.50
City Port 24-hour daily rate €15.00
24-hour rate with BahnCard €10.50

This is how it works:

Take a ticket when you enter the multi-storey car park. You pay for this at the pay station on your return by first entering the car park ticket an then your BahnCard or JahresCard Comfort. You will need to pay the reduced amount in cash. Payment by EC or credit card is not possible. The lower price is always charged.

Package offers

Weekend flat rates

Park for the entire weekend from 6am on Saturday until 6am on Monday for only

  • 2.00 euro in the Wallstraße multi-storey car park
  • 4.50 euro in the Rheinufer multi-storey car park


Cinemagoers pay only 2.50 euro at the cinema box office (Family Sunday 2.00 euro)

  • in the CineStar and Römisches Theater multi-storey car parks for the CineStar

The cinema flat rate is valid for 5 hours from the start of parking following entry. If you overrun, you will need to pay later at the pay station.

Theatre and concertgoers

Theatre and concertgoers pay 5.00 euro a night at the Palace, Theatre and Kronberger Hof sites. The theatre and concert rate must be paid prior to commencement of the event and is valid between 6pm and 8am from Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 12 noon on Sunday.

Visitors to Taubertsberg leisure and adventure pool pay 4.00 euro for six hours in the Taubertsberg multi-storey car park. The voucher is available from the swimming pool payment kiosk.

Congress parking

Hire parking spaces for your event. (The offer applies to groups; individual reservations are, unfortunately, not possible).

Multi-storey car park Quota up to
Town Hall / Rheingoldhalle 150 parking spaces
Löhrstraße 50 parking spaces
Rheinufer underground car park 100 parking spaces
Deutschhausplatz (Landtag) 150 parking spaces (only at weekends)
Rheinufer car park 250 parking spaces

Rheingoldhalle is within a few minutes' walking distance of all multi-storey car parks.

This is how it works:

Please contact us via e-mail at info@parken-in-mainz.de or fax 06131 95 201 20, indicating the multi-storey car park, the period and the number of spaces you want.

Please submit your reservation 14 days prior to the event.

We will be pleased to advise you by telephone on 06131 95 201 52, from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Thursday, or from 8am to 1pm on Fridays.

You will make a lump-sum payment for all parking spaces reserved by you. Individual car park tickets will not be taken back. The daily charges for the period between 8am and 8pm range between 8.00 and 16.00 euro per parking space. The 24-hour rate varies between 11.00 and 21.00 euro.

Charges may be reduced if you book 100 parking spaces. The reduction depends on the multi-storey car park in which you reserve parking spaces, how many parking spaces you reserve and the time zone in which you reserve them.

We will provide you with car park tickets according to the reservation and ask you to let participants have them prior to entry. Only these tickets guarantee entry to the multi-storey car park and secure the reservation.

If it is not possible to distribute the tickets beforehand, staff can be made available to distribute the tickets at the entrance to the multi-storey car park. If more than one multi-storey car park is reserved, staff will be required on site to instruct participants. The staff costs will be charged. The congress organizer can also provide his/her own staff.

The advance signs in the urban parking guidance system for the multi-storey car parks and spaces will be set to "occupied" for your reservation. The reserved group may also enter the car park on "red" once staff have been instructed.