Augustusplatz University Hospital multi-storey car park

disabled parking place 
5 per level
parent child parking 
Am Römerlager
entrance height 
1.90 m
opening hours 

parking fees

Daily rate (6am - 7pm)  
First 1/2 hour €0.80
Second 1/2 hour €1.00
Third 1/2 hour €1.00
Fourth 1/2 hour €1.10
Hour segments from 3. hour / per hour €2.10
Maximum daily charge (6am - 7pm) €10,00 
Overnight rate (7pm - 6am)  
Every 1/2 hour €0.90
Maximum overnight charge (7pm - 6am) €5.00 
Lost ticket  
Minimum of 24 hours €25.00
Tickets for in-patients and their visitors  
Valid for ten days:  
Ticket for single exit €22.00
Season ticket (any number of entrances and exits) €30.00
Valid for 1 month:  
Season ticket (any number of entrances and exits) €57.00
The tickets are available from the car portal of the university hospitals between 6am and 10pm from Monday to Friday. Certification of the in-patient stay must be presented. Cash payment is required.  


further information

open 24 hours
fair billing in 30 -minute intervals
parent child parking
disabled parking place with elevator from the parking deck on the street
renting a permanent parking possible